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Mentorship Program

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The GWAWF Mentorship Program is designed to assist in the professional development of our selected scholarship recipients. As they journey into their collegiate career, our mentorship program is designed to help guide their passions and inspirations. Our mentorship program will partner our recipients with professionals that have traveled down a similar path and these professionals will provide knowledge to help prepare them for their career destination. Our professional mentors will offer insight into what it will take to advance and assist in identifying the skills and expertise they will need to succeed.

Creating a mentorship program for our college students that receive financial assistance from GWAWF. as they pursue their college journey, we want to provide them with professionals that have walked in their shoes to help guide them on their journey.

Partnering with local Business Owners, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and more...

Partnering mentees up with professionals that know what they may come up against as they journey through their goals and aspirations.

Want to Mentor?

Please reach out to us to find out more ways to assist our scholars succeed in life.

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