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GWAWF Scholarship Fund

Updated: Apr 2

The GWAWF Scholarship Fund is designed to award financial support to college students that meet our organization's criteria. We select students that are graduating high school students, and current undergraduate and graduate college students. Students must demonstrate strong academic performance, community service and leadership skills. The GWAWF scholarship fund is dedicated to assist in financially supporting college students as they pursue their ambitious goals and aspirations. We are committed to filling the necessary financial gap and help reduce the out-of-pocket financial burden.

The purpose of the GWAWF scholarship fund is to bridge gap between tuition fees and everyday expenses such as gas, food, etc. While we are flexible in supporting in a financial capacity, we are determined to assist financially college students as they pursue excellence through higher education.

Giving Back

We all remember our toughest days! Our scholarship fund provides a rainbow of sunshine for the next generation.

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