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Our Mission

The GW and Arcola Wallace Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building our community through promoting support to enrich families.

Meet Our Founders

GW and Arcola Wallace

Often you hear about how agape love is what holds a marriage and a family together, but G.W. and Arcola believed it, practiced it, and showed it towards their family and their community. They were selfless and they loved unconditionally and extremely hard. They had a marriage based on love, work, commitment, and respect. They were intentional on teaching the importance of love, kindness, and family.  


The GW and Arcola Wallace Foundation has been more than a blessing to me since starting my college journey. GWAWF is a genuine organization, and this organization has taught me how to give back into the community. I have met amazing students who have become family when needing to talk through the struggles of college. Whenever I needed advice or someone to talk to, they are there!

- Lauren Gatlin

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LMV Dependable Delivery, LLC  | Established: October 1, 2020


We are committed to providing quality and dependable delivery service in the DFW and surrounding area. Dependable by making our customers deliveries our priority. Quality meaning you’ll get your delivery safely, with integrity, and a smile. 


Our goal is to provide good paying jobs. In our future, we want to open a second service area in our home city and state, Jackson, MS. 


Our Motto is, “Dependable Customer Service You Can Trust”


Loretta Horton-Wallace, Mariah ShanTrell Wallace and 

Valencia Demeka Chenise Wallace

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